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May 20, 2024
Application ends: June 20, 2024
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Job Description

Have you always wanted to be a part of something bigger? Something that charts a course
to the future? Do you want to see the work you do make a change in the world of tomorrow? Do
you thrive on solving problems, spotting patterns and working in an ever-changing environment?
We are looking for those candidates who just don’t think out of the box, but make the box they are in ‘Bigger’. We want to inflate the scope of thinking, dive into the abyss of knowledge and exhume the pearls of creativity. The future is now, do you want to be a part of it? Then read on!

Key job responsibilities
Key job responsibilities
• Maintain and follow strict confidentiality as customer privacy is our biggest tenet
• Work with a range of different types of data including but not limited to text, speech, image, audio and video
• Maintain strict confidentiality and follow all applicable Amazon policies for securing confidential information
• Deliver high-quality labelled data, using guidelines provided to meet our KPIs, and using in-house tools and software
• Creative thinking and excellent written communication skills
• Work on testing for workflow launches if required
• Report issues with tools and software as and when they occur.
• Show Ownership and initiative when providing feedback for improvements to existing tooling that can increase the amount and quality of the data we process – we believe every ground-breaking change starts with a small idea!

A day in the life
We are looking for a Data Associate (DA) to undertake the task of foundational labeling functions, such as dialogue evaluation on speech & text data, to assess and improve Alexa and multi modal devices. performance in everyday situations. To make a mark, one needs to be an expert, your adaptability, focus, and attention to detail in a dynamic need to be unparalleled. To pride yourself on your ability to recognize issues, not succumb to pressure, but come up with an elegant and innovative solution to tackle any hurdle from the goal while working on multi-data modalities. You will be a part of a diverse team with the shared vision to make huge strides in the world of technology and the way we use Artificial Intelligence. An inner drive, individuality, and a creative mind are extremely beneficial.

About the team
The AGI Data Services (ADS) organization provides data creation, curation, and analytics services to help develop, test, and train AI models. We work closely with Amazon Machine Learning (ML) Science and Modelling teams, providing the critical data they need to improve Alexa’s speech recognition and language understanding capabilities.

We are open to hiring candidates to work out of one of the following locations:

Chennai, TN, IND


– Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent.
– High and demonstrated proficiency in English written communication.
– Typing speed at 50 WPM or above.
– Eye for detail and ability to pivot from one category of requirement to another instantaneously.
– Research skills to navigate and synthesize multiple resources; understanding of basic academic integrity, i.e. plagiarism.
– Experience and familiarity with US culture preferred; or experience in multicultural communication.
– To be flexible in work timing and be ready at hand to meet delivery targets.


– Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or equivalent
– Proficiency in English grammar and spelling (both written and verbal)
– Certification in any of the following: Technical Writing, Creative Writing, English Literature, English, Literary Arts, Linguistics, English as a Second Language Teaching (EU only). -preferred
– Comfortable working with speech in English.
– Excellent computer skills, including MS Office, with good typing speed (> 50 wpm and above).